5-8 /h
Battery usage (estimated)
the burden
Maximum boost
In automobile manufacturing, logistics warehouse and other work scenarios, workers are required to lift heavy objects with bent arms for a long time. Upper limb exoskeleton can provide large arm support, when workers lift heavy objects, it can effectively reduce the force on the arm and lift or maintain the same action for a long time, reducing the fatigue and injury of workers' shoulder and arm.
Excellent product performance
Powerful performance across the board, long battery life and ergonomic portable exoskeleton robot to meet the needs of various industrial scenarios.
Power schematic and power direction when lifting objects
Model Description
MAPS-E upper limb exoskeleton robot contains upper limb control system, shoulder control system and general control integration system, which is composed of intelligent electric assistance for users' shoulder and arm. The product has self-researched motion control card and supporting drive unit. It provides a strong guarantee for enterprises' heavy physical positions, reducing workers' labor burden by more than 50%, reducing workers' turnover and improving production efficiency.
Switch freely as you like
Lifting mode
Provide three different sizes of power upward lifting assistance for the user's arms to provide up to 20kg of assistance to help users reduce fatigue caused by heavy work, enhance human function and improve efficiency.
It takes only 15 seconds to put on the upper limb exoskeleton. Watch the video introduction to learn more about the proper way to put on MAPS-E.
MAPS Application Scenarios
Factory operations
Physical Lifting
Logistics handling
Construction Industry
Automotive Manufacturing
Technical Features
Super function, hard power
MAPS-E upper limb exoskeleton robot product core technology is completely self-developed, including motion control cards, supporting drive units, core software algorithms, etc.. Data collection and visualization analysis have been established for the product.
Force sensor interface
Intelligent Motion Control Unit
Dual feedback position sensor system
Force impedance control technology
Long battery life
Position sensor
Integrated drive unit
Model number
Equipment size
Equipment weight
Integrated Boost
Ambient temperature
Available working hours
Power source
Degree of freedom
MAPS - E Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot
6.5 kg
Electric power-assisted drive
20 kg (both arms)
- 20℃~50℃
6~8 h
Lithium battery 36V
2 active degrees of freedom, 2 passive degrees of freedom
Engineering plastics, aerospace aluminum, carbon fiber
Company Profile
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