ULSROBOTICS CO. Ltd. (referred to as ULS Robotics) is a robot technology company based in Shanghai based on the exoskeleton technology platform. The company's exoskeleton mainly provides exoskeleton robot products and supporting solutions for the B-end industrial market. The company has reached cooperation intentions with a number of well-known international car brands, large international airports, industrial logistics and other enterprises.

ULS Robotics is one of the few exoskeleton robotics companies in China that can independently develop and master core technologies. The company is committed to creating an exoskeleton robot technology platform, and product development is broken down to the chip level. All core components have been applied for patents, and there are no foreign card neck core components. It has laid a solid foundation for future product mass production to reduce costs and sustainable development.

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Empowering human infinite powerExpanding human extreme capabilities

More than ten years of industry experience, multiple invention patents, international and domestic awards

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Co-create, share, win-win, pursue pure technology
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MAIRS™   Teleoperation
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