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ULSrobotics, founded in 2018 and headqurtered in Science Park of Shanghai University of Financeand Economics, Shanghai, China, is a high-tech company based on robotics exoskeleton technology platform. ULSrobotics is dedicated in develping, manufacturing and supporting solutions for industrial, medical and educational fields with exoskeleton robots.

ULSrobotics' core R&D team is one of the eariest companies in the world to engage in exoskeleton robotics research and development, with rich experience in designing and developing robot control systems, motioncontrol algorithms, multi-sensor data fusion, human-computer interaction and machine vision, etc.ULSrobotics' exoskeleton product line covers upper limb, waist, lower limb and whole body, etc. The products haveobtained ISO9001 quality certification and CE safety certification. Till now, ULSrobotics has a wealth of application scenarios, such as automobile manufacturing, aviation ground services, electric power, mining and educational research.

Our mission
Empowering human infinite powerExpanding human extreme capabilities

More than ten years of industry experience, multiple invention patents, international and domestic awards

Our team
Co-create, share, win-win, pursue pure technology
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Company Profile
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