Product Description
ULS | HEMS-L ™ waist exoskeleton robot, which can increase the strength of the human waist through electric drive, and help people lift up and carry 20kg. The product combines ergonomic design to adapt to work in different scenarios.
Worker savings
Improve efficiency and reduce work intensity
Reduce occupational injuries and reduce work injury insurance
Work injury prevention
Big data support
Man-machine data management to realize enterprise digitalization
Technical characteristics
The core technology of the HEMS-L waist exoskeleton robot product is completely independently developed, including motion control cards, supporting drive units, and core software algorithms. Product data collection and visualization analysis
Wi-Fi data unit
Motion control unit
Integrated drive unit
position sensor
High endurance battery
Mode switch
Mechanical sensor
End sensor
Excellent product performance
ULS | HEMS-L ™ Powerful performance, comprehensive performance, long battery life and ergonomic portable exoskeleton robot to meet the needs of various industrial scenarios
Bend over for increased assistance
Maximum load support
Battery life
Equipment weight
Comprehensive security system
HEMS-L ™ Comprehensive safety protection, comprehensive protection through integration of machinery, software and energy
Mechanical protection
Software protection
Battery protection
Prevent the joint from rising by mechanical structure design
Software electronic limit to ensure movement amplitude and speed limitation
Control and protection of battery thermal runaway through BMS battery system
Rich scene applications
Car manufacturer
Home appliance manufacturing
High-end equipment manufacturing

Industrial logistics

Civil logistics

Aviation logistics

Military industry
Enterprise warehousing
Logistics equipment Emergency Rescue
Heavy physical scenarios that require rapid human deployment in industrial scenarios
Intelligent Industrial Internet of Things
The ULS Intelligent IoT Platform combines the HEMS-L ™ Waist Exoskeleton System with the latest IoT technology. Help companies get through the last mile of data, and provide support for data interconnection among business operations, production equipment and employee productivity
Fast management and maintenance
Statistics and management of worker productivity data
Real-time data acquisition
Real-time analysis of exoskeleton movement data
Intelligent analysis of plant / equipment / person data
Digital Factory Construction
Personalized analysis
Customize data analysis based on business needs
Has deployed applications and established cooperation with dozens of well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises
Automotive manufacturing applications
Appliance manufacturing applications
Aviation ground service application
Logistics and warehousing applications
MAPS-U™ Upper limb
HEMS-GS™ Lower limb
MAIRS™   Teleoperation
Company Profile
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