HEMS-GS Application scenario
Factory assembly line
Easily and safely assist flow line workers in lifting heavier components, repeating multiple times without strain, strain or injury
Logistics handling

Assist logistics personnel to lift heavier parts and repeat multiple times without fatigue, tension or injury

Construction industry
Baggage handling
Allows airport ground staff to easily carry luggage, reducing waist and upper limb weight
Assist the construction industry in handling and load-bearing capacity, can carry more construction equipment, and improve construction quality and efficiency
Technical characteristics and advantages
Force impedance control technology
Force feedback and motion control
Force Control Integrated Drive Unit
Airframe architecture for active and under-driven DOF sets
Collaborative management of exoskeleton groups and data sharing
Long-lasting lithium battery management system
High-speed multi-bus discrete system
Intelligent power
MAPS-U™ Upper limb
HEMS-GS™ Lower limb
MAIRS™   Teleoperation
Company Profile
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